French collaborative excellence for a decisive step towards road safety for autonomous vehicles

French collaborative innovation creates value and contributes to the advancement of mobility innovations. Three high-tech SMEs that are members of the NextMove competitiveness cluster – MillaGroup, Nexyad and YoGoKo – have joined forces to launch the OASIS (cOoperative Assistance System In Safe road) project, which heralds new technological advances in cooperative driving assistance systems for all. Only the innovation ecosystem federated by NextMove, a place of scientific and technical excellence, could create the right conditions for this collaboration between French high technologies (Telecom, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicle), to converge towards a common goal: technological growth (environment, electrification, autonomous driving) and business acceleration. Innovations serving the road safety of autonomous vehicles and road users, also applicable from now on in standard vehicles: cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, motorized soft mobility systems (electric scooter…)

The OASIS project proposes to develop and integrate new augmented driving assistance functionalities, based on an innovative data fusion solution. The data are derived from V2X communications, driving risk assessment, and predictive collision estimation